835 E Miner Avenue, Stockton, CA  95202                    (209) 800-2977
Fat City Boxing Club was founded in 2011 by World Boxing Hall of Fame inductee Alvaro ”Indian Yaqui” Lopez, a world famous former Light Heavy-Weight Boxer who has received special recognition by the United States Senate and Congress for his achievements in the sport of boxing and for his work with at risk youth.    Yaqui Lopez's Fat City Boxing Club was created to address the growing need to promote the physical, mental, and spiritual, well-being of at-risk youths in the community, many of whom face disproportionate risks and challenges. The GOAL of our program is to encourage positive behavior and teach valuable life lessons about responsibility, community service, pride, discipline, exercise and nutrition as well as stress management. We believe that the skills and lessons our participants learn will help them grow into positive well balanced adults. Ultimately Yaqui Lopez’s Fat City Boxing Club is trying to save lives. Fat City Boxing Club is open  Monday thru Friday from 1:00pm - 6:30pm. Weekends are set aside for boxing events or for private lessons. Fat City Boxing Club is part of the Central California Association and of USA Boxing. Our amateur boxers compete at events year round. Most of the events we attend are located in Central or Northern California, but we do occasionally travel to Southern California and Nevada as well. Anyone is welcme to stop by for more info or just to check out our gym.